What is Pre-production?

Pre-production is the phase of further developing ideas and planning prior to the process of production. In a live action movie sense it is the period before filming starts. In an animation sense it is the period before any real animating takes place.

Like all great projects the success is in the planning. This section gives an overview of the different steps involved in the Pre-production process and how each step helps to develop a 'roadmap' on which to base the further production stages.

Although there is a general sequence of events to Pre-production it's normal for the various stages to be revisited more than once. This is because each stage may either reveal a flaw in the work to date or highlight how an aspect of the project could be further developed. Having the insight, discipline and patience to recognise and make changes when appropriate is a key quality for anyone working with animation.

  1. What is Pre-production?
  2. Storyboard
  3. Character Design
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