How to use the Tutorial

We don't think you'll get lost but in case you do, this is a guide to common symbols, structure and concepts used throughout the site.

Navigating through:

Sample Main Section ButtonMain Sections:
The MOVE IT Animation tutorial is divided into six sequentially numbered Main Sections.
You can step through these sections by clicking on the brown numbered tab buttons at the top of each page. The current Sections will be highlighted with a larger tab.

Sample Sub-Section MenuSub-Sections:
Each Main Section has several Sub-Sections, these appear on the right-hand side of the page and are numbered in sequence.

It is intended that you move through these one after another as each section will contain various instructions relevant to the tutorial.

Sample Next Step ButtonNext / Previous Step links:
You can click on the Next Step / Previous Step links found at the bottom of each page to move onto the next Sub-Section page. Please note that clicking on a Next Step link on the last page of the last Sub-Section will take you to the beginning of the next Main Section.

Navigating through the tutorial using these Next Step / Previous Step links will take you step by step through the entire tutorial, although you can use the Sub-Section navigation to jump to individual steps. However, we do recommend going through the tutorial sequentially as there is important and useful information within each individual step.

Sample External Link IconNew Browser window icon:
If you see this icon External Link Icon next to a link it means that it will open a new browser window window when you click the link. This will either be because the page the link is opening is on an external website or because it is a link to a document such as a PDF.

Sample How-To ButtonHow to Guide Button:
Underneath the Sub-Section navigation throughout the site (except for Step 1 where it appears as part of the menu itself) you will find a button that links you back to this guide on how to use the tutorial so you can always quickly jump back to if you're unsure. We don't think you'll find the tutorial hard to follow but it's there just incase you need a little reminder!

  1. What is Pre-production?
  2. Storyboard
  3. Character Design
  4. Animatic
How to use this Tutorial