What is Post-production?

Post-production is the final stage in the process of creating an animation and involves exporting or rendering out the animation frames and then editing the pieces of animation together using video editing software. The sound track, including sound effects, is also added during the final edit.

The Post-production stage may also involve further advanced processes such as compositing and colour correction.

For the less technically minded

In practice the processes covered in the following pages are often very complex, as they take into consideration many technical issues. Students of animation are taught the post-production processes so that they learn to plan their work to suit them. In industry each of the post-production roles often employs specialists who concentrate solely on one particular aspect of post-production.

  1. What is Post-production?
  2. Rendering
  3. Compositing
  4. Editing
  5. Sound Editing
  6. Sound and Music Score
  7. Titles & Credits
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