What is Development?

You've got a story to tell and you think it's worthy of a movie. The Development phase is where it all starts.

Development is the beginning of the film making process whether it be animation or live action. Sadly many ideas never make it past this stage but those that do hopefully have the best chance of success. But don't let such words of doom put you off...

Developing an idea, although challenging, is for many as exciting as seeing their film premiered on TV or the big screen. It is a time for free creative expression, when ideas and characters come to life and others to share in the creative vision for the first time.

By the end of development the film maker may have a script as well as visuals of characters and any other relevant supporting material necessary to pitch their idea to a client, a producer, a studio or an investor. An idea of the proposed running time of the animation will also be beneficial for estimating production costs.

  1. What is Development?
  2. Conceptualisation
  3. Fine Tuning Ideas
  4. Script Writing
  5. The Pitch
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